T M Jones

The friendly reception I receive on arrival my dentist explains the work he is carrying out and any recommendations I may need. The practice is always spotless clean and I always feel at ease there.

I used to be very afraid of the dentist almost to the point of it being a phobia. However a couple of years ago I underwent treatment to straighten my teeth which meant I regularly saw Dr Taylor. After 12 months my teeth were straight and I am delighted with the results. Recently I had a wisdom tooth problem and Dr Taylor referred me to a local hospital to have it removed and arranged for a CT scan. The specialist there commented on what good service I had received from my dentist by ensuring I had a scan and by not trying to remove the tooth himself. More recently I have had root canal treatment and can honestly say I had no pain during the procedure. I was very calm during the procedure because I have total confidence in Dr Taylors ability. I would reccommend Dr Taylor and his practice to anyone.