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Our Principal Dentist, Dr Clare Robinson, purchased and refurbished Garston Dental Practice in 2012, but the practice has actually been a firm fixture in the community for over 60 years. During her time at the practice, Clare has created a wonderfully relaxed environment and always prioritised patient comfort.

As well as our welcoming setting, we also have a very friendly team, some of whom have been with the practice for over 20 years. And just to add to our approachability, we all have experience in treating anxious patients, particularly those who have not seen a dentist for years.

Our caring attitude touches every aspect of our service – we offer a variety of top quality treatments to enhance how you look and feel, but are reassuringly restrained in how we deliver these. We don’t take a heavy handed approach – we achieve the best results with the least intervention and we also focus firmly on preventive care.

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Our natural looking crowns slot over broken or decayed teeth, providing complete coverage and protection. They can also be attached to a dental implant for a realistic replacement tooth or used to support a gap filling bridge.

We use e.max® ceramic crowns, as they have an appealing translucence which helps them blend in perfectly with your natural teeth. Other advantages include their durability and, as they are all-ceramic, the lack of a metal alloy base, which eliminates the possibility of an unattractive grey line at the gum.



Our high quality bridges are a natural looking, long lasting way to restore your incomplete smile. These permanent fixtures feature a false tooth that is firmly positioned between two crowns, which slot snugly over the teeth either side of a glaring gap.

As well as helping you smile again, bridges can improve eating and speaking, enhance facial contours, and stop your natural teeth moving around.
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6 Heald Street

Liverpool, L19 2LY
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