Bamford Dental Practice

We have modern digital x-rays to take pictures of teeth inside the mouth. In addition to this standard dental x-ray facility, we have a state of the art combined Cone Beam CT Scanner/DPT (Dental Panoramic Tomogram) and a lateral cephalometric machine on site to allow quicker treatment times and to avoid referral to other centres for these investigation. The CT scanner generates images of the teeth and jaws in 3 dimensions to give a millimetre accurate assessment of teeth, bone, nerves and other important dental structures.

The DPT machine moves around the face to give a fast and accurate 2 dimensional view of the teeth and jaws to aid diagnosis and treatment planning. These additional facilities are particularly useful for planning orthodontic and dental implant treatments. This on site technology means quicker diagnosis, fewer visits and avoids referral to another site to have the tests performed.