B W Hayes

Orthodontics is a unique branch of dentistry specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of dental and dento-facial problems. You may hear your orthodontist refer to the term 'malocclusion'. This describes crooked teeth, an incorrect bite or a mixture of the two. These problems are treated using appliances known as 'braces'. Your dentist has referred you to us for specialist orthodontic treatment. We have made an appointment for you to see us.

The Orthodontic Practice is independent and provides orthodontic treatment for children under the NHS and private treatment for adults and children. We believe that it is very important that your treatment is carried out to the highest standard, by a specialist orthodontic team. We treat orthodontic patients exclusively. Our practice is fully accessible for disabled patients. We treat children with special needs. The Orthodontic Practice is a silver award winning member of the BDA Good Practice Scheme.