About the Business
With a passion for saving teeth and an ambition to succeed in doing something I love, I am committed to giving every patient a painless and amazing dental experience.

This is an exciting time and using the most up-to-date technology allows me to gain better results and - most importantly - happier patients. After all, if patients do not leave my practice pain-free and satisified then what is the point?

I'm extremely fortunate to work as a referral endodontist across the country which allows me to accept advanced and interesting cases from many other practices as well as treating all root canal treatments in house. I currently accept referrals at multiple dental clinics in Liverpool, Birmingham, Cambridge and Kent. In my job, every day is different, every patient is different, every root canal is different. It is my job - and an endless enjoyable challenge - to overcome all obstacles so everybody, especially my patients, can go home smiling.
Location & Hours

24 Crosby Road North

Liverpool, L22 4QF
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